The Mahali Mizuka

GM Note: Running the Mahali Mizuka in Dungeons & Dragons, and other RPGs

The Mahali Mizuka is a parallel plane of existence - that mirrors the real world in Sayarii. 
It is physically accessible through the use of Manyoya feathers. 



Rules of the Mahali Mizuka

  • The geography of the Mahali Mizuka is tied in some way to the geographic space of the Prime Material Plane. Locations, buildings and landmarks co-exist in Sayarii, and in the Mahali Mizuka. (There is a rare Manyoya, the Manyoya ya Kusivuka, that allows users to use the Mahali Mizuka to travel, going to the Mahali Mizuka in once place, to emerge in another.) 
  • The experience of time and place is relative - the Mahali Mizuka is built on the memories of the dead, so geographic locations have many perspectives, from different times, and experiences, two different people together in the Mahali Mizuka will frequently see different reflections of the same place - however, shared experience will override this difference. Not both may see the door in a building, however when one points it out, or uses it - it will have "always been there" for both players. Part of the oneric balance. 
  • With rare exceptions (see Mizimu) individuals who enter the Mahali Mizuka are unaware that they are in the Mahali Mizuka. If someone in the Mahali Mizuka is told they are in the Mahali Mizuka they must make a perception check, on a successful Perception check, they will realize where they are - but then must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or immediately be transported back to the real world.
  • The abdead (or undead) can not visit the Mahali Mizuka. 
  • The Mahali Mizuka is a narrative space - it's a story space. 

In summary, the Mahali Mizuka serves as a multi-layered narrative space that offers both risks and rewards, governed by its own logic and intricately connected to the memories of those who have passed on. It's a place of endless possibilities for storytelling, exploration, and even ethical dilemmas, making it a versatile and compelling aspect of the game's mechanics and narrative.

The Mahali Mizuka is an enigmatic realm that exists in a space between reality and imagination, a dimension that is both a part of and separate from the world as we know it. An anomalous plane constructed from the memories of the dead, making it a haunting and complex environment where the past and the present co-mingle. The realm is governed by its own set of rules, known in thaumaturgic circles as Oneiric Logic, which ensures a coherent experience for those who enter, even as they navigate through shifting reflections and timelines.

Access to the Mahali Mizuka is facilitated through Manyoya feathers, which serve as a sort of gateway or bridge. However, the transition into this realm is so seamless that most individuals do not even realize they've entered it. This makes the Mahali Mizuka a potent narrative space for meta-stories, where characters can explore, discover clues from the past, and even face life-threatening situations without the risk of actual death*.

The realm's Oneiric Logic enforces a rule of balance, a give-and-take relationship with the real world that can have tangible consequences. Objects can be lost or gained, and the realm's own "accounting" ensure that any imbalances are corrected—often in ways that can be harsh or unexpected, value is measured differently and often mysteriously in the Mahali Mizuku, and great caution should be exercised when objects are are left behind, or taken from the Inbetween.