Denizens & Dynasties

The Races, Classes, and Cultural Groups of Sayarii

In the ever-evolving world of Sayarii, the Karithat ul'Qadima (The Great Fall) marked a turning point that reshaped the very fabric of existence. This cataclysmic event not only altered the landscape but also gave rise to new races and classes, forever changing the way adventurers explore and interact with the world.

A World Transformed

The Great Fall's aftermath saw the disappearance of many traditional humanoid races, either through assimilation or tragic loss. In their place, sentient insectoid races emerged in the southern reaches, mysterious and enigmatic, replacing the devastated humanoid populations. These insect races, largely unknown and isolated, have become a symbol of the lands considered lost, their secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Simultaneously, races once thought mythical or non-existent were brought to the fore, adding new layers of complexity and intrigue to Sayarii's rich tapestry. Among them, the Kelpri, a humanoid race of ocean-dwellers, have established themselves as a unique and vibrant part of the world.

Embracing Cultural Identity

In the culturally diverse region of the Bara Kusini, the concept of race takes a backseat to cultural identity. Here, individuals identify themselves by region, lifestyle, and cultural group, reflecting a society that values shared experiences and beliefs over racial distinctions. This nuanced approach to identity adds depth to character creation and role-playing, allowing players to explore multifaceted characters that transcend traditional racial boundaries.

Introducing New Playable Classes

The world of Sayarii is not only home to novel races but also to exciting and unique playable classes. These new classes, born from the world's transformation, offer fresh perspectives and abilities, expanding the horizons of gameplay and storytelling. Whether harnessing the powers of the desert winds or mastering the arts of ancient technomagic, adventurers will find new paths to explore and master.

The novel classes and races of Sayarii are a testament to a world that thrives on change, resilience, and creativity. They invite players to embark on uncharted journeys, to discover new facets of themselves and the world around them, and to become part of a living, breathing story that continues to unfold.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, the world of Sayarii awaits, ready to challenge, inspire, and enchant.

Novel Classes

Corsair ~ Novel Class
  • Sayarii

In the boundless realms of Sayarii, where the sail rules the sand, sea and sky the Corsair stands as a master of all terrains. Whether navigating the ever-changing winds above, the shifting sands below, or the unpredictable currents of the sea, a Corsair is the linchpin of any expedition.

Thaumaturge ~ Novel Class
  • Sayarii

The Thaumaturge is a scholar and practitioner of magical arts, specializing in the creation of magical items and the harnessing of magical energies from preserved remains of magical creatures. Thaumaturges channel magic through careful study, preparation, and craftsmanship, that requires a laboratory.


Novel Races

The Kelpri ~ Novel Race
  • Sayarii

The Kelpri are a race of ocean-going elves known for their deep connection to the sea and adept seafaring skills. Descendants of various elven lineages, they are distinguished by their tall stature, copper to dark brown skin, and a culture rich in maritime tradition and music. Living aboard ships or near the water, the Kelpri are celebrated traders, sailors, and storytellers, seamlessly blending their elven heritage with the rhythms of the sea.

Jalib ul'Nabii ~ Novel Race
  • Sayarii

The Jalib ul'Nabii are a rare and enigmatic insectoid race, revered and feared in equal measure. Standing erect with a humanoid silhouette when robed, they exude an aura of solemnity that belies their alien and predatory nature. Their stillness evokes a sense of meditative peace, yet beneath their prophet-like garb lies the heart of a ruthless predator.