The Jalib ul'Nabil 

The Silent Prophets - The Mantis Guardians

Hand-raised from birth to form an unbreakable bond with their master, Jalib ul'Nabil serve as vigilant household protectors, steadfast bodyguards, and, when required, ruthless assassins. These formidable predators are renowned for their lightning-quick reflexes, enigmatic intelligence, and a suite of highly specialized skills. A Jalib ul'Nabil is known to stand utterly still, a silent sentinel that can wait motionless for days on end while guarding their charge or lying in wait for their prey. Their sustenance comes but once a week, feeding on goats or similar livestock, yet they are also known for their chilling efficiency in dispatching and consuming any threat to their master—alive, head first, in a display of predatory dominance. While they are incapable of speech, Jalib ul'Nabil possess a keen understanding of their master's language, responding solely to their commands with unwavering obedience. Their communication, a silent accord with the one they are bonded to, is as profound as it is exclusive, marking the depth of their loyalty and the singularity of their purpose.

*Non-Player Race


The Jalib ul'Nabil are one of Sayarii's insectoid races that has been integrated deeply into the culture of much of the Mchanga Hasira region, and in particular Il-Wāāt ul'Ihāt Kathira

0_0[1].pngSilent, Mostly Motionless, and Infinitely Patient

Description: The Jalib ul'Nabil, with several subspecies among their kind, are a rare and enigmatic insectoid race, revered and feared in equal measure in Sayarii. Standing erect with a humanoid silhouette when robed, they exude an aura of solemnity that belies their alien and predatory nature. Their stillness evokes a sense of meditative peace, yet beneath their prophet-like garb lies the heart of a ruthless predator, diverse in form but uniformly formidable.

Cultural Integration: Imported from the scorching equatorial wastelands of Sayarii, the Jalib ul'Nabil are a testament to the wealth and power of their owners. Their ornate robes and finely crafted armor serve both to humanize and to elevate their status to that of silent deities among men. Yet, their presence is a double-edged sword, symbolizing authority while hinting at the darker dealings of those they serve.

Behavior and Mythos: While tales of the Jalib ul'Nabil's chilling efficiency as assassins are widespread, actual encounters with these creatures are rare, reserved for the upper echelons of society. Their method of dispatching and consuming threats is the stuff of nightmares, fueling legends and cautionary tales whispered to misbehaving children.

Intelligence and Communication: The Jalib ul'Nabil possess an intelligence that is foreign to the humanoid races of Sayarii. They understand their masters through a bond forged by scent and presence, responding solely to the one who wears the pheromone of their kin. This selective obedience ensures their loyalty is unbreakable and their actions unquestionably reliable.

Reproduction and Taming: The perilous task of harvesting Jalib ul'Nabil eggs from their natural, hostile environment is a venture only the bravest or most foolhardy undertake. The taming process is a delicate ritual, where the master's scent becomes the hatchling's imprint, ensuring a bond as strong as the creature's exoskeleton. The destruction of male eggs is a grim necessity, as their untamed nature and smaller stature render them unsuitable for the roles their female counterparts fulfill.

Societal Role and Limitations: The solitary nature of the Jalib ul'Nabil is rooted in their biology. Like the mantids of our own world, they are cannibalistic, territorial, and singular in their purpose. This trait is not only accepted but valued by those who employ them, as it provides a natural safeguard against the threat of an opposing Jalib ul'Nabii. Their role as guardians is thus as much a strategic choice as it is a status symbol.


Ability Score Increase. When creating a Jalib ul'Nabil, Strength score increases by 2, and Dexterity score increases by 3, and their Intelligence score increases by 2. Their Charisma score decreases by 2.

Age. Jalib ul'Nabil hatchlings grow rapidly, reaching maturity within a year. They typically live up to 30 years, with some reaching 42 years determined by rolling 1d12.

Hit Points. Jalib ul'Nabil increase in hit points as they age, starting with 20-30 HP at a year 1, and gaining an additional D6 for each year they age. 

Size. Jalib ul'Nabil are about the same height as humans but are lighter. Their size is Medium.

Speed. Their base walking speed is 45 feet. Note, some species can also fly short distances. 


Predatory Leap. As an action, the Jalib ul'Nabil can make a leap towards a target they can see within their movement range. If they move at least 20 feet straight toward the target and then hit it with a melee attack on the same turn, the target takes an extra 2d6 slashing damage. The target must succeed on a Strength saving throw (DC 8 + their proficiency bonus + their Strength modifier) or be knocked prone.

Ambush. If the Jalib ul'Nabil surprises a creature and hits it with an attack during the first round of combat, the target takes an additional 2d6 damage from the attack. Furthermore, if the Jalib ul'Nabil successfully grapples the surprised creature during this ambush, they can immediately deal their bite damage as part of the same action.

Grappling Predator. They have advantage on grapple checks and can initiate a grapple as a bonus action. While grappling a creature, they can use their action to deal 1d8 + Strength modifier piercing damage per turn to the grappled creature with their bite. This damage increases by 1d8 every five years of age.

Silent Vigil. They can remain motionless for long periods, which makes them difficult to detect. They have advantage on Stealth checks when they have not moved in the last minute.

Terrifying Presence. As an action, they can cause each creature of their choice within 30 feet to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + their proficiency bonus + their Charisma modifier). On a failed save, a creature is frightened of them for 1 minute. This trait can't be used again until they finish a long rest.

Insectoid Carapace. Their exoskeleton provides a natural armor. When not wearing armor, their AC is 14 + their Dexterity modifier. Armor they wear may resemble robes or other culturally significant attire.

Languages. They cannot read or speak any languages. They can understand and respond to the language spoken by their bonded master, but they do not react or respond to any other beings.

Master's Bond. They form a bond with a single individual during their upbringing. They can understand and communicate non-verbally with this individual, and they have advantage on attack rolls against creatures that have caused harm to their bonded master.

DM Notes:

  • The Jalib ul'Nabil's Ambush ability makes them particularly deadly when they have the element of surprise, reflecting their predatory nature.
  • DMs should use the Ambush ability to highlight the Jalib ul'Nabil's role as stealthy predators and to create tense moments in the game.
  • The combination of Predatory Leap and Ambush can result in a powerful opening attack, so DMs should consider the potential impact on player characters and balance encounters accordingly.