The Kelpri ~ Novel Race

The Kelpri is a race of ocean going elves. Living aboard ships, or close to the water. These elves have adapted to life on the seas. They are not a fully aquatic race, they can not breathe underwater, though they can hold their breathe for extraordinary periods, (D8+4 minutes without preparation / D4 + 10 with preparation - 3 rounds).  The fingers and toes of the older blood lines are said to possess webbed fingers and toes giving them a movement speed of 25 when not wearing armor. As with other elves, the Kelpri have keen senses and intuition,  fleet feet carry them quickly and stealthily through their environments. Generations aboard sailing vessels, making them masters of balance, and amazing climbers.

Kelpri Receive a bonus of +2 to Dexterity

Kelpris’ skin tends to be copperish to dark brown in hue. Their hair dark brown to blacks. Their eyes are brown, or hazel or green. the Kelpri are taller than most elves, sometimes reaching 6 feet in height or more, though their elven nature is obvious in their facial features, eyes, and build. 

The Kelpri are often considered mongrels and looked down upon by other elf races. Though now an ancient race, the kelpri began as a gathering of elven communities and individuals, Wood, High, and the Qāāzami ( Elves of the Dunes), that found themselves taking to the sea for fortune or escape, and never left. Folklore says that the Kelpri began in Bayt ul' Zaytun, an Elven (Wood) city famous for exquisite boat building, when Omari, the daughter of a wood elf carpenter fell in love with Sadiki, the son of a high elf patron while the family was in the city for the commissioning of a great vessel. Discovered, the coupling was rejected by both families. Sadiki's father demanded his son leave Bayt ul' Zaytun immediately. The couple stole a boat, and cast off, heading to the sea through the bay of Bahari ya Chini. The couple lived on the boat for their long and charmed lives and gathered others, Elves the occasional Human or Genasi, all the lovers rejected by their cultures, escaping to sea. 

Kelpri Culture

The Kelpri are often as likely to self identify first as members of the Seaborn - a broader community of humanoid ocean dwelling races as they are Kelpri. The Kelpri coming from a historically mixed race, co-mingles freely with the Seaborn, and has blurred racial lines with the seaborn community as a whole. It is said within the Kelpri that the older a Kelpris' blood, the greener their eyes, the closer in line to Omari and Sadiki. 

The Kelpri are Matriarchal,  and familial relationships are reflected in the Kelpris's dress. The Kelpri prefer brightly colored and patterned textiles. Clothing cuts are simple, loose and built for easy movement and comfort in the sun and changing temperatures on deck day and night. The colors and patterns of the kichwani, a scarf/head covering worn by every active member of the Kelpri, identifies the wearers family line in a heraldic fashion.  

the Kelpri are born sailors, and fisher peoples, but are far better known as traders and renown musicians. Port cities throughout their realm are famous for their Kelpri traders, offering nearly everything imaginable from the decks and holds of their famously fine sailing vessels, many of which are hundreds of years old. At night when the trading is done, the Kelpri enjoy cooking,  eating, and drinking Divai Kavu, a cloudy,  lightly fermented and naturally sparkling date and fruit wine, before bringing out instruments to play music late into the evenings. Often gathering on each others boats for shared meals, music and dancing. 

The Kelpri are generally among the most open and welcoming of the elven races. In general they love meeting new people, love travelers, and exchanging stories. The Kelpri are undeniably an attractive and charismatic race, and have the reputation among the more conservative city and port dwellers of being seducers, and tricksters. 

Kelpri Receive a bonus of +1 to charisma

The Kelpi as a community tend toward Good alignments, though like any other race, any alignment is possible. 

Kelpri - Sea Elf Traits

Ability Score Increase

Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Kelpri Weapon Training

You have proficiency with the dagger, rapier, and longbow.

Fleet of Foot, Natural Swimmer

Your base walking speed increases to 35 feet.
Your base swimming speed is set to 25 feet. Unless wearing any armor heavier than leather or encumbered.