Welcome to the Legends of Sayarii

Mahali Chumvi Yakutana Mchanga ~ Where The Salt Meets The Sand

The Sayarii Worldbuilding Project: a Windpunk, Desert Adventure Setting for Fantasy RPGs

"A story is simply bone. The marrow, the life-full thing, is in the telling." - Qāāzami Proverb

Welcome to The Legends of Sayarii, an immersive and dynamic world-building project designed for roleplaying enthusiasts and game masters alike. Set in a rich, fantastical desert world filled with diverse cultures, unique magic systems, and intriguing characters, Sayarii offers endless opportunities for adventures and storytelling.

Sayarii is a realm of breathtaking landscapes, magical creatures, and twin moons. The world is home to various cultures, each with their own customs, beliefs, and abilities. Among these, the Mwandishi, nomadic masters of Manyoya Uchawi, an enigmatic form of Feather Magic. And in the cities Thaumaturges, the learned practitioners of Thaumaturgy, the study of magic distilled from the natural world.

Welcome to Sayarii


"At the heart of Sayarii lies the city of Il-Wāāt ul'Ihāt Kathira, a melting pot of peoples, gods, and commerce. Governed by "The Council" and the demigod leaders known as the Wapenzi, the city boasts 14 distinct districts, each with its own unique flavor and history. From the bustling markets of Ma'jan to the flooded streets of Ghamarat and the mysterious depths of Chini Kabisa, there's always something new to discover."

Immersed in rich lore and an intricate backstory, the world of Sayarii comes alive as an ideal setting for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other system of your choice. This living document provides a comprehensive framework for those aspiring to explore Sayarii's wonders in their own narratives. Visitors are encouraged to utilize the lore and world-building resources provided here to create unique adventures in this constantly evolving realm. As we journey deeper into the secrets of Sayarii and unravel the mysteries of its magical arts, this becomes not just a backdrop, but a dynamic participant in your gaming experiences.

Visitors are warmly invited to harness the lore and world-building resources available here to weave their unique narratives in the constantly evolving domain of Sayarii. While all guests can freely explore the world and its lore, Patreon membership grants exclusive access to meticulously crafted campaigns such as the imminent "Feather Magic Chronicles". Specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly into the lore and landscape of Sayarii, these campaigns equip game masters with all the necessary tools to create immersive, memorable experiences for their players, set against the vibrant tapestry of the Sayarii world. This blend of open access and premium content offers an exciting and dynamic adventure playground for all.

So, step into the world of Sayarii, and embark on a journey filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. The legends await!

Artistic Allegories: The Second Glass of Wine
  • Dec 20, 2023, 3:48 PM
  • Sayarii

"In the intricate dance of politics and power, a simple glass of wine in a painting speaks volumes of unseen influences."


Welcome, traveler, to Sayarii - an ancient world of inhospitable lands, where great seas lap at the edges of vast deserts, shaping everything about this world of extremes. Cultures survive along the fringes of these two seas where the sand meets the salt, where agriculture is possible and the climate is hospitable. The nomadic peoples of Sayarii wander the inhospitable places, gathering resources and trading across the sands and seas, enriching their lives and those of others.

Sayarii has survived two civilizations: the Ul'Eumr Il'Jadid, or New Age, now 654 Sayarii years on, and the Ul'Mas Il'Saaqit, the Fallen Civilization, a 3,000-year-old technomagical society of millions. Two ages separated by a cataclysm when the Old Gods ravaged the world's cities and towns with perpetual floods and sandstorms during a ten-year period called the Karithat ul'Qadima - The Great Fall. Cities were erased, Populations vanished, and entire races were wiped out.

The Gods condemned the nations of Sayarii for unknown reasons, the Karithat ul'Qadima was unannounced. As the Old Gods destroyed the creations and peoples of their world, they also took their natural magic, and then they abandoned Sayarii and those few left behind. The survivors found themselves thus condemned. Only those between were spared, it is said, as only those away from the cities and towns of their worlds were pardoned - those at sea, those traveling across the deserts or skies, and those in-between places.

Those that remained gathered in scattered, disconnected communities outside the perpetual storms that were ravaging their homes and started again, with just their hands and their minds.

Now, as new gods and cities rise together, things are different. Technology, though utilized, is suspect and often scorned. Magic, once the common realm of technomagicians, foundries, and sigilcraft scivners, 

is now in the hands of academics who have learned through thaumaturgy, the rigorous study of magic in nature, to distill the magic from the organs, skins, and remains of magical creatures. An art today taught at universities throughout the kingdoms and city-states of Sayarii.

Cities have returned, and culture has been reborn under new realities, new rules, lessons learned, and godlings born, from the relentless erosion of the Karithat ul'Qadima.

The world is in a rich age. While tensions between the Ul'Harbiya Il'Sultaniya Saahilian - The Eastern Empire and the Mchanga Hasira - The Twin Seas Coast are running high, actual conflict has been avoided for 50 years. Trade is good, arts and crafts are extraordinary, and the world has a large middle class. Wealth is not evenly divided, but it is better than at any time since the Great Fall.

The people of Sayarii are also the result of the Great Fall. Only two major humanoid races remained strong enough in numbers to survive the Karithat ul'Qadima: the Humans and the Elves. In the Bara Kusini the people are a mixed group, most humanoids are a mix of human and elf. An individual may exhibit more of one or the other, but very, very few can claim a pure heritage, and even fewer do.

In the Ul'Harbiya Il'Sultaniya Saahilian - The Eastern Empire the Elves of the Saahilian keep bloodlines pure, as do the northern wood elves, arborists, and master shipbuilders of the Bayt ul'Zaytun and Belanore Alari.

And new races inhabit the world, including the Djinn, the avian Fēixiān people, the rarely seen Nephilim, giants of the sea, and the insectoid races from the southern wastes about which so little is known... Sayarii is a world that offers limitless adventure to those brave enough to explore it.